Monday, August 24, 2009

On Edge

I am sore today. And tired. And cranky. I feel old. I feel suspended in time. Late August does that. It always feels like the world conspires and all parts of life begin acting alike. Awaiting the shoe to fall. It is a conveyor belt of sameness. Until it isn't. Then it turns shockingly to one side or another. Most people I know are the same. They complain about the sameness. They complain about the sudden changes. We all ride the same rides. We pretend that they are different rides from everyone else. But really they are the same ride. Mine isn't more important than yours. Yours... not more important than mine. But we like to pretend that we are the first to ride this particular ride.

What I really want is a little break from the monotony. But not too much. Something unexpected and good. Not necessarily great. Just good. Definitely not bad. God... even the music that plays on my iPod is repeating itself despite having four weeks of music loaded on it.

This way of living is indicative of our time, I suppose. A media frenzy erupts until they kill the story. Then they are bored because they know we are bored until something else traumatic happens to rouse us all again.

But I'm tired of the roller coaster. I'm tired of writing the same things. I'm tired of reading the same things.

So I'm cranky. That will have to do until something comes along to make me smile.

So go on... entertain me. **fires shots at your feet to make you dance**.


  1. Exactly my point... anticipation with no payoff.

  2. I'm not more important than you? Oh crap!

  3. Everyone is just pretending to be more important than everyone else. This is my new theory.

  4. Oh how I love your writing... I've missed it over the years. Regardless of topic, I can always relate. Sometimes I also feel like my life is a never-ending ride on a people mover...

  5. Why thank you. Just when I am lamenting my utter lack of ability to write something substantial, you show up with kudos.

    When I first read your comment I thought it said "people mower". That would fit too, I suppose.

  6. Why yes, I think a people mower would be much more interesting actually. ;-)

  7. This is exactly why I dance at the copy machine. Little monotony breakers beat the hell out of life changing events.

  8. I'm not pretending, I am absolutely certain that I'm more important than least to me.

    You ennui amuses me. Please continue.

    *double checking that I didn't spell it "impotant". whew...and...POST*

  9. Me two, what Richard said.