Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Building or destroying is a matter of choice.
Patience or anger is a matter of choice.
Understanding or intolerance is a matter of choice.
Being loved or being despised is a matter of choice.

Selfishness and selflessness is a matter of choice.
Noise or quiet is a matter of choice.
Violence or peace is a matter of choice.
Holding a grudge or offering grace is a matter of choice.

Now... Choose.


  1. Every day, every moment. Very well said.

  2. i made my choices but i'm sure from outside they looked all wrong.

    i don't think they are.

    but i don't know yet. y'know?

  3. I choose as often as I can. I spend a lot of time kicking myself when I act wrongly because I didn't take the time to choose.

    Always choose consciously. It helps.

  4. @Chantel... life is choice, no?

    @YGTBKM... heh.

    @A Work... the outside world is never a very good judge. At least in my experience.

    @BEG... All conscious thought can be directed. Too often, I find, it is misdirected. Feelings can't be directed. But thoughts. Yes.

  5. Okay, devil's advocate here. I'd make one distinction. Being loved or being despised is not really your choice, it's someone else's choice to love or despise you. But loving or despising, that's your choice. Guess you could be lovable or despicable. I choose lovable and loving. And apparently anal. Sorry.

  6. aha... and you hit on the heart of it and why I wrote it in the first place. that is exactly what I meant. and while it seems to be the other person's choice, that was my intent. To point out that how we allow ourselves to be viewed isn't really about how others view us... but more in how we choose to act. So much of our action is more about how we want to be perceived and not in whether we are loved or hated. You are right... I can't really control if you love me or hate me. But I can control how I feel about it and how it makes me feel about me.

    But bravo for cutting through this bleck of a post.