Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Stars Watch Down

I sat on the porch to look at the stars late last night.  But the moon was so bright that it obscured all but the brightest from view.   The moon is the now and the thousands and thousands of invisible stars are the myriad of faces that pass in and out of my consciousness.   Faces from people with bit parts, a line or two… or even extras without a line getting a day’s wage for their work.   They have faded from memory.  Faded from view on all but the darkest of nights.

But a few stars peak through the blazing light of the now and can be seen irrespective.  Their parts haven’t faded over time.  They burn bright in my rear-view and hover over my conscious self as gentle reminders on the impact that those faces and their words have had in my life.  

Yesterday was your birthday.  Somewhere you might be looking at the same stars peaking through the blinding light shed by the now.  Or perhaps the light is different there now, and my star has faded.   Either way… it is as should have been.  

But your star still hovers over me.

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