Friday, October 2, 2009

10 Things I Remembered This Week

1) I am not as dumb or as smart as she thinks I am.

2) I don't like the feeling of having the floor beneath me removed suddenly.

3) Sometimes saying nothing is the right thing to say.

4) Nooners are good.

5) There is nothing better than playing a three part trio of Heart and Soul with your kids.

6) There is nothing worse than listening to a three part trio of Heart and Soul by your kids.

7) Rain is nice... for a little while. Then it gets kind of sucky.

8) Despite Axe Hair Crisis Relief advertising to the contrary, no horde of women has popped out of a balloon to give my hair a makeover.

9) Expecting things to work out is different than making things work out.

10) There are always other options.


  1. This is the best so far. All in all - sounds like you had a productive week.

    And next time, try Dead or Alive on GH world tour - making sure the youngest plays drums. Its worth the song stopping every 30 seconds for "fails",

  2. I'm on to GH5. They have Dire Straits!!!

  3. I especially like 9. In fact you can use a little 10 to achieve a good 9.

  4. We can all use a little #10.

    This sounds like a Chinese restaurant. I'll take a #9 with a side of #10... and a spring roll to start.

  5. as always, a great list. I'd forgotten all this stuff. My only advice is if you have a piano in your house - somebody better be taking lessons - even the good part of team heart and soul wears thin. My husband and I each think the other is smarter - I think it's the key to a lasting relationship :)