Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Swine, How Are You?

So the swine flu hit Chez Mobius this weekend. 4 out 5 inhabitants are down for the count. I know, I know. I shouldn't call it "Swine Flu" because the Other White Meat people will get all offended. But really, the other name is more like a computer password... neither of which I can remember with any regularity. Before you all run off screaming, I think that you are safe from contamination. Reading my blogs will NOT make you catch swine flu. Or any other flu for that matter.

Being as how I'm neither pregnant, or an infant, I am hacking and wheezing but pretty much not in danger of anything other than a few days of claustro-house-dephobia... fear of being stuck in my house with the entire family and dog getting on my nerves. There are only so many card games you can play with your seven year old... or so many times you can watch Disney Channel reruns... or so many times you can let the dog out... then in... then out... then in... before you begin to lose it.

At any rate... I'm cranky. And hot. And feeling generally porcine. How are you?


  1. You know, for a superhero you're gonna have to work on the "leap tall buildings/bulletproof" thing. My personal cure for all ills from heartache to broken bones--hot showers and hot toddies. (they make that movie hell much more tolerable)

    And now I'm going to go lysol my laptop.

  2. Former superhero. I hung up the cape and thus my immunity. I'm off to get me some hot toddies... just because that sounds really wrong.

  3. What is that I'm wearing? No,it's definitely absolutely NOT a mask.

  4. You just described dog ownership perfectly. Ha.

    Hopefully you'll feel better soon.

  5. Ack. Shall I fed-ex a giant tub of chicken noodle soup. That would help since bird flu is currently moot, yes?

    I can safely say I am prostrate when this subject comes up. Working in a hospital might make one think we are all concerned over this threat - and yet it's only the people I DONT work with that are fanatically preparing for this whole flu-poo.

  6. @LD... you are sage, but I wonder if masks really work.

    @Mandy... you are still laughing at me, two years after we got the dog, aren't you? I'm mostly better. Thanks.

    @PC... I am souped out. I think people like to freak out. I'm a little ho-hum about all this, actually.

  7. having the flu sucks, whether it's swine or not.... especially when EVERYONE's got it and there's no one left to tend to your every sickly need (or whim).

    drink lots of fluids, rest... hope you're feeling human again soon.

  8. @megan... The pig has left the house. Thanks.

  9. glad you are all better. At least you've got it over with! (jeez- that sounds like something my mother would say - blasted suzie sunshine)