Friday, March 12, 2010

Since Last We Talked

I haven't really felt like writing all that much. I've been busy, yes. But that wasn't really it. I just didn't have anything to say. Nothing witty. Nothing profound. I've been waiting. Waiting for my job to close down. I've been fretting about this and that. Mostly things I can't really control anyway. But I managed to shepherd my flock into something in the way of a happy ending, which was definitely better than the alternative which consisted of cliffs and nooses and what not. Anyway...

So now I'm off on the next adventure, which, in the end, is just the same adventure... just with different faces. This adventure entails less control, more stress, and lots more travel... which isn't really that hard since I didn't travel at all before. Chez Mobi is in quite the uphevel dealing with the various ramifications of this.

11YO: I'm glad your traveling... at least you aren't sitting home playing games on the computer anymore.

8YO: Does this mean you can't do my homework anymore?

13YO: You realize this means that Mommy is going to be in a bad mood for the next year?

Travel to all of them is exotic. "OH... you get to see cities!" They don't realize that all the cities look the same when you are in an office all day long. "Oh sure... you get to eat out, while I have to slave away cooking every night." They don't realize that the food all tastes the same in Seatlle as it does in Providence. "OH... you get to stay in cool hotels!" They don't realize that it is harder to sleep alone.

There are people that are built for the road. Who enjoy squishing themselves into an airline seat every Monday and jetting off to someplace new. I can handle it in finite pieces. But it is real drag after awhile.

To them it is either an adventure, where I will get to see new and exotic places... like Detroit. Or more often, it is just an excuse to be away from home duties... like running people to lessons or dance or hockey.

It would be nice just once to have them say... "thank you... I realize what you are giving up."


  1. Hey! Detroit IS exotic! It's like another freakin' planet, dude.


  2. Well at their age its exciting to travel who cares where too!

  3. Happy travels to you!

  4. Been there. I hate the whole airport-delays-shuffle mindlessly from car to cab to weird smelling hotel room. I used to do it a lot more, and I'd make up games to amuse myself. Once I had to do 4 cities in 5 days and I requested toothbrushes from the front desk in each hotel. I wrote an email to the manager of the hotel that took 3.5 minutes, and they one that took over a day. Ok, don't judge...I mean, it's not like room service salads are entertaining.

  5. I've missed your blogging - good luck with your new job and what comes along with it. Hopefully it will be a catalyst for some positive changes you have yet to realize!

    *fingers crossed*

  6. I'm one of those who would do well with lots of traveling. That said...

    Thank you for the things you give up for your family. Remember it means they love you...because the ones we love most are the ones we take most for granted. Of course, that doesn't mean we should.

    On the other hand, there are men who wouldn't give anything up for anyone. Congrats on being who you are.