Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year's Resolutions: The Blog Variety

Okay... yes, I know it is 8 days late. But one of my New's Year's Resolutions is "Better Late Than Never"... which includes taking books back to the library and making New Year's Resolution's lists. This is the blog variety of resolutions.

1) Get more than 30 readers. Everyone else has like 100 or 300 readers. I have 26. I know! I know! Quality over quantity. And yes, you all are very quality readers. But I want at least four more of you in the coming year. One new reader per quarter... I think that sounds reasonable. I suppose this means I have to read other people's blogs and comment and generally act like I care. But what the hell... I'm sure that I can find at least one more blog worth the time in a three month period. You may make your suggestions if you feel like pimping.

2) I'm going to get rich. Seeing as how I will have at least 30 readers I think this is a doable goal. I've added the ridiculous AdSense ads to the side of the blog. Originally it was mostly a joke for my blog about my cover letter. But then I got all into seeing what queer things came on my blog based on what I wrote that day. For instance... yesterday's ads were "Want Disciplined Kids? Free Trial" (I clicked just to see if they were giving out kids) followed by "Bahamas Sailing Vacation". I can almost see the smoke coming out of the Google computers as they try to figure me out. So far I've made $2.27, but only because Mandy and I have a reciprocal click pact that goes way back. I encourage you all to click on my ads, even if you don't want a "Bahamas Sailing Vacation with Disciplined Kids". Moby's got to make some coin.

3) I'm going to win one of those awardy things that all the cool blogs have. Even if I have to make one up myself. Like "Most Likely to Blow Up Google Computers" or "Least Talented Lemur Blogger", because awards mean everything to everyone... and I want to impress my four new readers when they stop by (as well as the Google people who are going to stop by to see why they are paying me big bucks every month).

That is all. Modest goals. But things to strive for.

Carry on.

Oh... and PS... 4) I'm going to try blog more than once a month. But only so every blog doesn't have to be some sort of description of where I've been.


  1. i skim dozens of blogs every day to make it through my work day. that being said....hmmm, i think my reading is a bit girly for you.

    unless you like photography.

  2. @Char.. I like girly photography... does that count?

  3. Do you really want to recreate a moderately more mature version of a myspace blog here? I think that's the best part about being here. There's no top list, so no chance of subconciously become obsessed with readers (or popularity) and forgetting to write for yourself instead of banging out blogs for the masses, which you end up hating for their worthlessness.

    I mean the blogs. Not the masses.

    Speaking of which, my resolution is to go to mass at least once this year. I fear if I go more often I'll flirt too much with dehydration from all the crying I do when I walk in feeling like a sinner come to repent.

  4. You and Mandy have remained two of my favorite bloggers from back in the myspazz days... So I'm happy to hear you have included blogging in your new years resolutions. Acquiring 4 more readers is a quite steep goal and I hope you succeed! ;-)

  5. @PC... I was employing an old trick of mine call "sarcasm", which is used by all the outliers as a tool to deflect that uncoolity that is me.

    As far as mass... my goal is to decrease my overall mass. I will fail.

    @Lindsay... Mandy is a professional blogger... ahem. I just play at it. But thank you. I just realized that I have four anonymous readers... so my goal is already achieved! NEXT!

  6. Did you just call me a hooker?

    And, let's make awards for each other that will be the envy of all other bloggers.

  7. Hilarious. Your blog ad today is one of mine. Oh, how the worlds collide!

  8. @mandy... I believe that is my normal way of addressing you... yes. I LOVE it... **cracks open old version of Photoshop from MySpace days**

    Big brother Google is watching us both.

  9. I would be honored to make you an award, Mr. Circles.

    (googles "daffodils", "clouds", "cupcakes" and "waterfalls")

    (drags images to photoshop)

    (claps like a little girl)

  10. @Steamy... Mr. Circles makes me sound like the family cat. Do your worst!

  11. do you like girly photography or photography of girlies. LOL

    oh i can send you all kinds of awards - what kind do you want? honest scrap, best scribe.

    than and $4.25 will buy you a coffee at starbucks. LOL

  12. I don't even see your adsense stuff. Not sure why it's not showing up for me. You should become a photography blogger. You easily pick up more readers (lookers?) that way. Plus, I could look at your pretty pictures. :) This is all about me anyway. Haven't you figured that out yet?

  13. Quality is much harder than quantity. My pantry and post holiday girth tell me that. Be careful what you ask for :)

  14. @char... I think you know me well enough to know which I like.

    @GSG... I would need a camera first, unless you want to hard wire into my brain.

    @margo... you said girth.