Friday, September 25, 2009

10 Things I Remembered This Week

1) "Umlaut" is fun to say over and over.

2) Settling is much different than compromising.

3) You need to let them fall... repeatedly... as hard as it is to watch.

4) Sometimes it is nice to hear the words "it is going to be alright"... even if you are sure it isn't.

5) Sarcasm is not really an effective parenting tool.

6) It is impossible to be a writer without actually writing. Thinking about writing doesn't count.

7) Those goofy shoes she bought you because the look sexxayyy?... wear them... even if you feel goooofyyyy.

8) Wine is gooooood.

9) Sometimes the cover-up is worse than the actual crime.

10) Sometimes when the whole world is upside down and topsy turvey... the only thing to do is to play ping pong.


  1. I must need an immediate ping pong marathon.

    And I disagree about sarcasm. Hearing your kids do it back to you gives life a whole new meaning.

    A very cynical world, albeit.

    Kudos for mentioning wine though. The thought of my Friday red is what's getting me through the day with such derisive glee.

  2. See, I can use all the sarcasm I want- another bonus to not having kids. Right up there with changing crappy diapers.

  3. 6- I have writer's block.

  4. And when you have a 4 and a 6 year old, sometimes the cover up is entertaining enough to forgive the crime. Especially when they are colluding.

  5. these are great... I'm struggling with number 6. Always. Oh, and number 5 - just an hour ago :)