Friday, September 4, 2009

How About These Cookies

So on Mona Lott's recommendation I had General Tso's for lunch. My fortune is as follows:

WTF? "but that's okay.."??

First of all, black blogs of sorrow aside, I am a steely eyed retired super hero. I know you all think I'm all mopey and whiney in real life. But I am a master exaggerator. Or not. But you wouldn't want to play poker with me. I'm that good at holding it deep inside.

So yes... I am annoyed that the cookie is patronizing me. "that's okay..." with a little pat on the head for good luck.

I'm annoyed, but I ain't showing it.

Why don't I get these cookies?


  1. I've gone through a lot of cookies myself trying to snag that last fortune.

    It really is okay you know ;)

  2. That's all it said?!

    Man, it pisses me off when I get a lame fortune cookie. -But how was the chicken?

  3. @cynthia- I think I might bend a little on the patronizing thing if my fortune was the latter instead of the former.

    @Mona Lott- I'm spoiled. There is this one place that is near my old job and too far away that makes the world's best General Tsos. But this was passable.

  4. If the cookies actually tasted okay I might take their "fortunes" more seriously. Maybe it's just me.

  5. @Liza... you make an excellent point.

  6. Wow that WAS totally
    *makes L on forehead*
    I got one recently that said "This is going to be the best day of your life. Again."
    Thought that was wicked cool.

  7. @Happy... that's exactly what I said.

    @JustLD... this is par for my Charlie Brown life.

  8. Just saw the viscious circles thing there. I hate those!

  9. Somewhere deep down, I hate the word "okay". It's trite, bland, and nearly meaningless. It's almost as grating to my nerves as the word "hate". :)

    Next time, eat the cookie without removing the fortune. Eat it whole. Maybe THEN the essence of okay will have a meaning to your gut, if not to your mind.

    (Go get your cape from the cleaners - I believe the mothball smell is gone...)

  10. all i see is cookies.

    that is not a metaphor.

    really, where are the fortunes you apparently can all see???

  11. @megan. you have to click in the middle of the cookie.

  12. oh....

    just like in "real life"... you've got to break the cookie to see the fortune.