Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Positively Insane

Me: Ok... so we have established that you think that health care reform would be too expensive.

Insane Person: Yes.

Me: But you are small business owner, like me, right?

Insane Person: Yes...

Me: And are your insurance rates ridiculous too?

Insane Person: Oh, they are ridiculous! And they keep going up.

Me: But you don't think that we should address that? You wouldn't like lower rates?

Insane Person: Of course I would... but not if my taxes are going to go up.

Me: No one said they would.

Insane Person: They have to, where else would they get the money.

Me: Now this is where I tell you that it would have been helpful if you were able to watch the speech from the other night where talked about these things.

Insane Person: But I told you.. I don't have to because I just listen to the news afterward.

Me: Fox news.

Insane Person: Yes!

Me: Third Base... right. Well, one of the things he pointed out in his speech was that we all have driver's insurance, right? Why do we have driver's insurance?

Insane Person: Because it is the law.

Me: RIGHT! So if you crash into me... I have some protection. But why shouldn't I have some protection against the 46 million people who get sick and go to the hospital and receive treatment... I mean, why should I have to pay for them getting sick.

Insane Person: Right!

Me: Right! So tell me again why you are against that?

Insane Person: Because I don't want to pay for their insurance.

Me: But... we... just... covered.... that.

Insane Person: Well the government paying for them and taxing us is the same thing, isn't it?

Me: Not even remotely... first the idea of public option gives a low cost health plan to people who can't afford their own plan by themselves. Secondly... they are trying to make it pay for itself.

Insane Person: They will fail.

Me: That's your answer? They will fail? So we should just give up?

Insane Person: Oh... no... I'm a very positive person.

Me: Obviously.


  1. So seriously, I feel great anxiety over the Health Care debate. I receive medicare, and if that is what the people of this country will receive, I feel for them. Nevertheless, it is better than nothing.

    I do worry about the cost of a Federal Health Care program. I worry about how Medicare is going to be made "more efficient".

    I'm hopeful, as well. I think maybe Obama can do this. I hope so. It isn't right that some folks are without coverage. Some. Hah. Seems to me like more people don't have it than do.

  2. I watched his speech on this- with a skeptical ear, even- because I like the dude, and The Baggers will tell you that it's just part of the spell! -So I TRIED to find shit to be pissed about, and still couldn't. The man makes sense. He's not EVEN talking about chucking the whole thing out the window- just making existing insurance work the way it CLAIMS it will. I have been screwed, when I was fully covered, at the worst time for nonsense. Who hasn't? I don't get why these people are so resistant.

  3. I can't even talk about this. I work for doctors. Who expect with reform they will begin to basically work for free. And pay higher taxes. More than GOD pays in taxes, of you ask them. Which seems fine.

    Since they make more money than God.

    (But I didnt say that)

  4. @HE#1... I will be happy to make payroll.

    @HE#2... I don't know that Obama can do it. Because he will be hen pecked by the village idiots the entire way who will be crowing "you see!" every time someone dies from now on in the country. But... yes... I have angst.

    @ML... I did the same. And certainly there are lot that isn't clear. But it is clear that we need to do something... and hoping for failure isn't one of them.

    @PC... why do you think I'm blogging this? Much is true... but much of my snarkiness didn't get said.