Monday, September 14, 2009

Whine and Tea

Me: So why DO they call these things Tea Parties, anyway?

Insane Person: You know... because of the Boston Tea Party.

Me: You mean, the one where they dumped the tea into the harbor to protest British taxes?

Insane Person: Yup...

Me: The one where they were complaining because they were being taxed by the king without representation in Parliament?

Insane Person: Yes...

Me: But you have representation.

Insane Person: No I don't...

Me: You have a congressman, you have two senators, and you have a president, right?

Insane Person: Not ones that I voted for.

Me: But you did vote, yes?

Insane Person: Of course I did... It is my right. Just like it is my right to go my Tea Party and protest.

Me: Yes.. but shouldn't you be calling it a Whine Party instead of Tea Party?

Insane Person: I don't drink wine.

Me: You might want to rethink that strategy. I'm certainly opening a bottle.


  1. Those people are killing me. FUCKING KILLING ME!

  2. This was a real conversation. Tune in tomorrow for chapter 2.

  3. Looking forward to Chapter 2. As for the Tea Party crap, it gives me a migraine. Nuts!

  4. I can't say much. I had a few whine parties after Bush won the first time.

    I had "Completely-Belligerant-Bonanzas" the second time.

    But I wasnt mad about lack of representation. It was more because I had to live with millions of numbsculls who chose THAT representation. :)

  5. @PC... yes.. perhaps you are right. and history is repeating itself.

  6. I hope you're not insinuating I'm a numbscull. Or that Obama is even remotely as bad a choice as Bush was. Or that the History Channel is being redundant with its programming.

  7. @PC- I'm trying to decide if I'm just being blind to my own numbskullishness. But this History Channel definitely repeats itself.