Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tea for Two... With Smartphones for One

Me: So we have established that your opinion counts more than mine, right?

Insane Person: What? I never said that.

Me: You did say that since your candidates didn't win, that you have no representation, correct?

Insane Person: Well... yes. I don't agree with what they are doing.

Me: But do you at least acknowledge that they are your legally elected representatives?

Insane Person: I think that there are questions about how he got into office... like whether he is a citizen or not.

Me: Really? So you think that everyone that has shown proof that he was born in Hawaii is lying?

Insane Person: Well, I still haven't seen proof.

Me: Have you looked for proof?

Insane Person: Well.. no.

Me: (pulls out Phone)... Here.. that's a copy of his birth certificate.

Insane Person: I can't read it.

Me: That's because it is on a Smart Phone. **sigh** OK.. so because you didn't vote for them, then your opinion is the only opinion that counts, correct?

Insane Person: That's not how I would put it.

Me: Ok... how would you put it?

Insane Person: I'm just expressing my opinion that there is no way we can pay for healthcare for the whole country.

Me: Ok... that's fair. I will stop making fun of the name of your ill-named party and your inability to read factual documents, so we can concentrate on the facts at hand. Healthcare. What don't you like about the bill?

Insane Person: Well.. I just don't think that the governent should be interfering with it.

Me: Because it works so well?

Insane Person: No... I think there is a lot that could be fixed.

Me: Ok... so who should do it?

Insane Person: Well, the companies should do it themselves.

Me: Why would they do that? Isn't their job to make their stock holder's money?

Insant Person: Well, yes... but government shouldn't have a place there.

Me: Ok... so we have established that it needs fixed... but you think that the companies should do it themselves. Got it. By the way... did you read the bill? Or actually.. the five bills, since there are currently five... none of which is up for a vote yet.

Insane Person: No.. I'm sure no one reads them.

Me: Actually, I think a lot of people do. Did you listen to the President's speech the other night?

Insane Person: Oh, no... but someone I work with read me a little bit of it.

Me: Hmm... so how do you know you are against it when you don't know what it says?

Insane Person: Because I watch the news.

Me: And the liberal media tells you what to think about it?

Insane Person: I don't listen to the liberal news shows.

Me: I thought all news was liberal.

Insane Person: Most is... but Fox news gets it right.

Me: Except for the parts where they make stuff up?

Insane Person: They don't make things up.

Me: I would show you a long list of things on my smart phone.... but they would just bounce off you.


  1. I think trying to reason with dumb people might be like casting pearls before swine. Just sayin.

  2. @HE... this is more for my benefit than theres. I'm tired of biting my tongue.

    @PC... Heh.. Smart don't stick on us!

  3. Have you looked for proof? Well...no. :)

    That is my favorite. Just sums up the convo and all those like it. Coincidentally, I celebrated the UN International Day of Peace by tolerating people who watch Fox News. But only for that one day.